Useful Links

We’ve included some useful links here for you to visit as you look to learn more about psychology, therapy, coaching, or some other topics we felt may interest you …

Professional Bodies – british psychological society – emdr association uk and ireland – health professions council – british association of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies – british association for coaching

Therapy and Coaching Sites for Associates of Clerkin Psychology Services – the home site of Tina Chipman, another independent CBT practitioner at the consulting rooms – the home site of Dr Linda Buchan, Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in working with children and adults with Autism at the consulting rooms – website of Dr Katherine Ferdenzi, a Clinical Psychologist at the consulting rooms – website of Dr Fiona Randall, a Clinical Psychologist colleague based in Liverpool – Natural Balance is a Physiotherapy & Sports Injury service in Chester run by Phil and Lorna Cabral, who will work with you to treat any physical injury or rehabilitation needs you may have – separation and divorce consultation from my colleague, family mediator and registered MIAMs provider Jen Rumble MNCS(Acc) DipCouns

Clinical Topics

ptsd – a useful page from the royal college of psychiatrists on posttraumatic stress disorder – advice for anxiety sufferers – obsessive compulsive disorder

Other Therapy Services (National) – Manchester-based psychologist colleague, Nick Adams

Psychology Direct – the UK’s largest network of independent psychologists.

PsychFinder – directory of UK psychologists who offer a range of services including, counselling and therapy, lifecoaching, assessment of children’s learning, and staff training. – Based in the West Midlands, Clinical Psychology Direct offers expert advice, assessment and therapy with Consultant Clinical Psychologists and UKCP Registered Psychotherapists

Shani Blumenfeld is a BAPT-registered Play Therapist in Manchester who helps children understand muddled feelings and upsetting events that they haven’t had the chance to sort out properly for themselves. She works with children and families, schools and the Courts.

Other Sites of Interest – keep up with current news developments – searching made easy, and much more … on-line documents, calendars, email, etc – useful, practical answers to some common questions about divorce, including a section on “divorce and your children’, presented by a London law firm, SA Law (I have no links to SA Law; the page was recommended to me by someone who found it helpful alongside my free “Parenting Together after Divorce” ebook). – this page invites divorcing parents to bear in mind that, often, there is a child involved in the breakdown of a marriage and encourages them to give consideration as to how they can work together to reduce the traumatic impact of divorce for children as much as possible. The page has a number of relevant links to associated sites that are worth checking out too. (I have no links to Kales Law; the page was recommended to me by Jonathan (via Kerrie) who found it helpful to him in his own experience of divorce and thought I might like to share it with my readers too, alongside my free “Parenting Together after Divorce” ebook).

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