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Supervision is or should be an integral part of everyone’s professional practice, especially when individuals are in private practice, where it is all too easy to feel isolated. Supervision offers a place to take time to contemplate your practice and be supported and guided towards better clinical working.

Dr Colin Clerkin currently participates in his own personal, peer and group supervision to aid his practice and ensure his clients get the best service he can provide.

As a clinical psychologist, Colin has been involved also in providing supervision for clinical trainees, team members, staff and peers for over 20 years.

Despite, or maybe because of this, he is acutely aware of the need to keep his skills up-to-date and fresh, and so he has undertaken further training in clinical supervision with a leading name in the supervision world, Dr Michael Carroll, of the Centre for Supervision. Colin believes he came away with lots of useful ideas and tools to both improve his own practice and his supervisees experience of this important process.

To get a feel for how Colin approaches supervision, he has produced two documents for you to consider: “Supervision is …” presents an overview of what he thinks Supervision should be, while the “Seven Stage Supervisory Position” lets you know a little more about the model he likes to follow in working with you.

Colin is registered with the British Psychological Society as a supervisor and is listed in their Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors. To learn more about how he can offer  support to you, contact Colin on 01244 677010.