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Clerkin Psychology Services Ltd

school anxiety treated in Chester and North WalesAlongside the provision of therapy to individual clients, Clerkin Psychology Services Ltd also offers expert witness services to solicitors and medico-legal organisations, in Chester, North Wales and the North West, in personal injury matters. We also have hire consulting rooms to fellow professional psychologists and therapists in the Chester area and coach therapists in growing their practices.


Dr Colin Clerkin provides expert witness services in relation to personal injury matters. Assessments and reports are undertaken in relation to personal injury and trauma … read more


Mirror Coaching is a subsidiary of Clerkin Psychology Services Ltd. the missing piece in your recovery from traumaIf you are a talking professional (psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor or coach) who aspires to become a business owner with your own private practice or you want to grow your existing practice, we will guide you as you move towards achieving your professional goals … read more

Consulting Rooms

Quality, comfortable, secure therapy rooms for hire by psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors … read more


Dr Colin Clerkin offers supervision to fellow clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches … read more

Independent Associates

Clerkin Psychology Services Ltd has invited a number of highly skilled professional colleagues from a range of other disciplines to link up with us at the consulting rooms as Independent Associates as we strive to ensure that we can offer a full range of services to meet our clients needs … read more

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