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This page contains a selection of relaxation downloads, articles and eBooks that are yours to download and keep for free if you think they may help. Please feel free to share them with family and friends who might benefit also, and if you like any particular item or would like to request something in particular, I’d be delighted to receive your requests and to hear your feedback on how these helped you. Email comments to

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Relaxation Exercise – Free Audio Downloads

When we are stressed or anxious, we can feel out of control and this in turn adds to our feelings of anxiety. Our bodies become more tense and the physical symptoms we experience can be quite distressing. One of the most important responses we can have to stress and panic is to try to find some way to relax our bodies, breathing slowly and deeply to allow our systems the chance to reach a degree of equilibrium or balance.

I recorded the “Light Stream” exercise below (offered in two versions, either with or without a soothing background music track; music and production courtesy of GP Hall) to help you take back some control over these feelings of anxiety and panic. If you can, make time to listen to it when you are not feeling overwhelmed so that you can learn some useful skills that you can then call on in a time of need, knowing that you have already practiced the visualisation and breathing techniques that will help you. This recording lasts around 15 minutes (please note – there is 15-20 seconds of silence at the start), so try to ensure you can sit or lie quietly, undisturbed for at least 20 minutes while you practice with it. Don’t worry if your mind wanders when you start out with this, that is normal. When you realise that has happened, just let your thoughts come back to the exercise and continue with the process. It will get easier as you use it more!

The “Special Place” exercise, another visualisation process, is usually presented as part of the preparation for EMDR therapy. This recording is longer, around 28 minutes long, so do allow enough time to complete the full exercise.

To download each track, simply click on the download arrow on the top right of the image.

Download Light Stream with Music:


Download Light Stream – Voice Only:


Download the Special Place Exercise:


Music and Sound Engineering on both tracks by GP Hall

Article: You don’t have to worry

“If there is one thing I can be totally confident about as I write this, it is that each of you reading this article knows what it means to worry. We all do it; many of us for more of the time than we’d actually want to, but we all do it …” Read more ...

Article: A Good Night’s Sleep

Click the article link to read my article on sleep, then use these diaries to track your current sleep habits ahead of taking action to manage these more effectively: Adult Sleep Diary / Child Sleep Diary

e-Booklet: Parenting Together after Divorce

This is a booklet that I put together for a talk I gave to a group of Collaborative Lawyers in June 2013 on the importance of parents working together after divorce for the long-term benefit of their children. I can’t (and don’t) claim it to be a completely original piece of work, as while it is based in part on my clinical experience, I have also pulled together ideas from other publications I encountered as I put the talk together. I hope having this information brought together in this way is something you might find helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the ideas in the e-booklet or any associated concerns you may have.

The Parenting Business Plan

This is a tool I have adapted from the reading I did in creating my talk on “Parenting Together after Divorce“. It is best used where both parents can meet together to negotiate the range of issues that they need to consider to ensure consistent, cooperative co-parenting of their children following divorce or separation.

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