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This page offers you suggestions for self-help reading that some of you may wish to consider, either alongside or instead of working with me or another therapy professional. Self-help books won’t be for everyone, but often they can offer support that allows readers to take some guided efforts to address their concerns. Sometimes this may be enough, but if not, or if after reading any of these or similar books, you still feel you need support, then I do recommend that you consider giving me (or another therapy professional in your area) a call for an initial discussion about what else we might be able to offer.


Simply click on either the Title or the Cover image to link through to Amazon if you want to buy any title. If you have a favourite that I’ve not mentioned, do please feel free to let me know about it and I’ll maybe add it here too. These books are not (yet) presented in topic order, so please scroll through the page to see if there may be something here for you.



MindfulnessMindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world: Prof Mark Williams and Danny Williams


Co-written by my old Professor, Mark Williams, one of the most influential men in my career, this book reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and promote genuine joie de vivre. The book is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT revolves around a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed. MBCT has been clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression and it is recommended by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) – in other words, it works.


More importantly it also works for people who are not depressed but who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world. MINDFULNESS focuses on promoting joy and peace rather than banishing unhappiness. It’s precisely focused to help ordinary people boost their happiness and confidence levels whilst also reducing anxiety, stress and irritability.


The book comes with a great CD of Guided Mindfulness Practices, lead by Mark, that really add to the experience brilliantly.



Sitting Still Like a FrogSitting Still Like a Frog: Eline Snel (with forward by Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Another Mindfulness book; this is a lovely book for for children, primarily, but the exercises work for anyone, really!


It is an introduction to mindfulness meditation for children and their parents, and it includes practices that can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware.


The book also comes with a CD of guided mindfulness exercises that help you in your practice. An excellent package, all told.



The Chimp ParadoxThe Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme for Confidence, Success and Happiness: Dr Steve Peters

I was introduced to this book by a client recently and I’ve been very impressed with how Steve Peters has taken some complex concepts and presented them in such a wonderfully readable – and applicable – format.


A number 1 bestseller, Prof Steve Peters, consultant psychiatrist, has worked with Liverpool FC, Sky ProCycling, Ronnie O’Sullivan and, from May 2014, the England football team. This powerful book introduces the unique Chimp Model that Prof Peters uses with his clients to help them manage their minds and reach their full potential.


Well worth your time!

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